ROI Turnkey Properties

In addition to coaching real estate investors, Jared and his team operate ROI Turnkey Properties, a premiere turnkey property provider focusing on markets in Alabama and Georgia. With hundreds of turnkey investment deals behind them in the past 5 years, "ROI Turnkey" has the experience with acquisitions, renovations, and negotiations that investors need and want. Be sure to visit the ROI Turnkey website to check available inventory and recent deals. 


Do You Have an

Investment Policy Statement

for Real Estate?

At ROI Turnkey Properties you'll find experienced advisors who can help you establish and document your investment strategy for your real estate investments. A solid strategy consists of more than just the knowledge you've gleaned from books, courses, podcasts, etc. Strategy begins with creating an Investment Policy Statement fr your real estate holdings. 


Let an ROI Turnkey Properties investment advisor help you get started today. Click below to book a FREE 30-minute consultation with an advisor. We look forward to speaking with you. 

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